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Fine Details: What We Do

Sculpting a Stronger SOTA

The rhythm of our community is supported by our core working groups to build stronger connections among families, support school events, and coordinate special projects.

Family Matters

Parenting is not a solo act. We're here to help SOTA families build stronger bonds at home. We offer talks, workshops, and resources online and offline to support parents in raising creative, resilient kids.

Comms & Media

The voice of SOTA PSG, we help to keep parents informed and in the loop through photos and updates on the website, social media pages and more.


We love to partner with the school in supporting their events. We are committed to making each event a great experience for everyone involved, whether it’s helping with decorations, distributing care packs, or simply spreading the word to the community.

Special Projects

This is where creativity and community come together! We brainstorm and execute unique and exciting projects that bring together the SOTA community.

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