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Broad Strokes: Who We Are

A team in harmony

As parents of SOTA students, we know first-hand the value of a close-knit and encouraging school community. We are happy to have you join the SOTA family and are excited to journey with you. Let's band together to make this a safe space for our children to grow and flourish.

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To unleash the highest potential in our students, through synergistic collaboration between the school, the parents and the community. To support the school in creating a safe and loving space for our children to learn, play and grow.


  • To establish a shared vision and goals between school, parents, students and community

  • To strengthen home-school collaboration and partnership

  • Promote parental involvement in school programs and activities

  • To enrich our pupils’ lives with more diverse range of activities and exposure

  • To help pupils to achieve their individual personal best Provide opportunities for parents to network and work together

SOTA PSG strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for the SOTA family. We embrace the school’s mission statement and work collectively, and in partnership, with the school to support the school’s endeavours.

Read more about our Values here.

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