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[SHBS Survey] Father's Stress

Dear School Of The Arts (Parent Support Group),

Do you know that fathers may also experience parental stress? Indeed, studies has shown that men tend to hide mental health symptoms, such as stress. Yet, there is a lack of research studying fathers' stress in Singapore. This is especially important today because of the rising mental health concerns due to COVID-19. Moving forward, this prompted me to study fathers' stress. I am Eugene Lim, a final year student from the Singapore University of Social Studies BA Psychology (Honours) programme. My current dissertation seeks to examine the parental stress of fathers, of children with or without special needs, during COVID-19 in Singapore. I have created a survey and I hope to be able to work with your organization to reach out to as many fathers as possible. I would like to assure you that the data collected will not be used for commercial purposes and will only be analyzed for purposes of my dissertation. As such, could you kindly link me with the person-in-charge of your social media outreach? I have attached a sample poster (in this mail) and a draft post below as well. ------------------------------------ Do you know that fathers may also experience parental stress? Do you want to be part of a local study exploring the parental stress of fathers during COVID-19? Share your voice today! Click this link

------------------------------------ Thank you for reading this email and please feel free to contact me, for further clarifications. Best Regards, Eugene Lim

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